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Our Wedding Bucket List

Below we've compiled a list of totally unique and crazy wedding ideas that we'd die to see play out in real life in a wedding. Some are normal and pretty easily doable, some are locations in the world where we'd really just love to photograph, and some are going to have you questioning my logic and sanity. But that's how we like it! It's 2018, you can do anything YOU want to do for your wedding!

Never be ordinary!

Have fun with us and read over our crazy ideas below. And if an idea resonates with you and you're totally up for the challenge, let us know and we will help make it happen!...along with a sweet discount. :)


The Office Themed Wedding

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica. Where do I even start? This is the most obvious wedding theme that came popping first into my head because, well cmon guys, I FREAKING LOVE THE OFFICE. I can just picture it now...

- a huge welcome sign that says, "It is Your Wedding"

- brown and grey half blown up balloons down the ceremony aisle

- a rip in the bride's veil with a half cut off groom tie to match

- the dessert table will include LaVerne's Pie Stand pies

- a photobooth that is actually made to be a replica of the interview spot in the office where your guests can record themselves on your wedding day describing their experiences

- and of course you'd have to include "We Didn't Start the Fire", "Islands in the Stream", "Get Busy", "You Were Meant for Me", "Sweet Child O Mine", and "Forever" in your song list for your DJ. 

German Oktoberfest Wedding

Bratwurst, Beer Kegs, Lederhosen, Ein Prosit, Live Polka music... need I say more?

Fully Tattooed Bride and Groom, Brides, or Grooms

I was never the that bride who went searching for a dress to cover up my tattoos. Screw that! Wear those pieces of art like a badge of honor! I would love to find a couple who are COVERED in one of the greatest forms of art expression I know and capture their beauty on their wedding day. Let's celebrate originality!!!! 

Pajama Wedding

Now, I know this sounds insane and totally juvenile. But just stick with me for a second. Haven't you ever seen those casual picnic-vibe weddings where the guests get to lay back and sit on some cozy blankets in the grass surrounding the ceremony? Let's take that to the next level. I'm not talking cheesy pajama days like back in elementary school here. I'm talking gorgeous lace robes, cashmere comfy blankets, MASSIVE fluffy pillows, and of course complimentary slippers for your guests. Be real, aren't some of your most memorable moments with your significant other moments when you're super casual and snuggled up on the couch together watching Netflix? Well, let's wedding that shiz!

Tim Burton/Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding

I swear, you could screenshot any moment in Tim Burton's movies, print it out, and hang it as a piece of art in your home. Dare I say I love him as much as I love The Office? If not, it's definitely a close second. From Beetlejuice to Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the themes and trademarks in these films would make KILLER wedding details!!! And I mean, Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass alone deserves its own wedding for sure! 

Car Show Cocktail Hour

This was an idea that my husband and I truly tried to plan and pull off for our wedding. Kevin is a total car enthusiast and we frequent car shows around York and Lancaster often during the summer weekends. We compromised our Car Show Cocktail Hour and instead had all the groomsmen arrive to the ceremony in their loud revving, rubber burning, muscle cars. At first thought, you might think this is totally tacky and ruin the moment of the romantic energy, but it was actually amazing and got the whole crowd super pumped up for the wedding! If you have guests with awesome hot rods and antiques, or have some good connections and can pull it off, a Car Show Cocktail Hour would be pretty fricking rad, don't you think?!

Baby Beagle Bouquets

Yes, I know Puppy Bouquets are a thing now in 2018, but I need specific baby Beagles, because everyone knows Beagles are the superior breed of cuteness. Enough said.



Colorado Springs

Grand Canyon

San Antonio


New Zealand

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