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About Kylee

"I strive to create inspiring imagery using the natural, raw elements that photography can capture to bring out the beauty in everything."

Taking pictures ever since I could fit my hands around a camera, I remember spending hours and hours of my childhood trying to find things to photograph. Whether it involved running back and forth to grab a self portrait with my old point-and-shoot's timer, stalking neighbor kids on their bikes as I tried to take action shots hiding behind cars & bushes, or chasing my pets around the house for the most adorable wide-eyed shots, I always found myself going back to the camera.

Throughout grade school and college, although I studied to be an educator, I enrolled myself in every photography and art class I could find. Drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, dancing, I loved it all. And after being in a darkroom for the first time, experiencing my first black and white film image of my own come to life, I knew I was hooked for life and found my calling.

Today, you'll find me bopping all around the areas of York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. I absolutely love to travel the world, but I really am a homebody at heart. Just about nothing can beat a lazy day in with my husband Kevin, two cats Xena and Nova, and our Beagle Sierra. And pretty soon, our life is about to get turned upside down with a little baby boy due this July of 2019!  Like you've read, I've been photographing my entire life, but it wasn't until after Kevin and I went through the wedding planning experience ourselves when I realized, "Now THIS is what I need to be doing!" And then, in the spring of 2016, Kylee B Photography was born. 

I have lots of personal goals as a photographer. My first and most important goal is to have the ability to capture the raw and genuine spirit of each of my subjects. To me, everything has beauty: a couple in love, a wrinkly dog, a bright eyed newborn, hell, even a potato. But even with the most beautiful of subjects, I believe that a stale, posed photo shoot will usually leave you with disappointing, mundane pictures. This is why I love inviting my clients to be creative, adventurous, spontaneous, and just have some plain old fun! Our sessions are far different compared to a session you might encounter at a brick and mortar studio. We will explore locations to search for the most gorgeous natural light, play fun and interactive games to get you to loosen up and relax while I photograph, and we all just end up becoming the best of friends by the end.

My second goal is to document your special day with photos that allow you to relive all your moments, especially on a wedding day. I believe it is my job as a photographer to not only photograph the things that you and everyone else sees, but to also use my artistic perspective to scout out moments you might not even realize are happening before your eyes. Nothing is more beautiful than looking at a photo that brings back thousands of emotions and memories.

Some more fun facts about Kylee!

Favorite Animals: Owls and Koi Fish

Favorite Number: 2

Favorite Drink: ALWAYS Coffee

Favorite Quote : Never Be Ordinary

Favorite Hobby: Dancing, especially at wedding receptions

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Movies: Donnie Darko and Kill Bill

Favorite Book: The Tale of Despereaux

Favorite Color: Mustard Yellow

Favorite Fruit: Strawberries

Favorite Singer/Bands: Maggie Rogers and Greta Van Fleet

Favorite T.V. Show: The Office

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