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Autumn & Erik | A Fun Filled Samuel Lewis State Park Engagement Session

May 24th, 2019

A Fun Filled Samuel Lewis State Park Engagement Session

Autumn and Erik aren't just my clients, they are two of my chillest friends. Erik and I go way back to our high school art class days. But that doesn't even start to compare to how far back Erik and my husband Kevin go. I'm talking like, circa 1998 riding bikes around the small towns of Columbia and Farmdale, hanging out at the pool during the summer way back. I don't want to speak for Kevin or Erik, but I think it's safe to say that these two were basically elementary school best friends, which is why this session was even more freaking fun and special.

I don't think you guys quite understand how cool these two really are. Some of my absolute favorite memories from my junior/senior year of high school were the summer days when we cruised around in Erik's lime green, 1970's, Volkswagon Bus. Yes it was hot, yes its top speed was only about 50 miles per hour, but DAMN did we feel like the shit riding in that thing.

And Autumn, she is such a freaking talented artist. She makes the most amazing abstract art with all kinds of mediums, including a killer quilt that she handmade us for our wedding gift! She is going as far as custom designing fabric prints for their wedding, graphics for their invites, and so much more. 

Their VW/brewery themed wedding in 2020 is going to be killer and I cannot wait to see how their magic and vision come to life.

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