June 9 2018 - LIVE! - Kylee B Photography


<June 9th, 2018>

First thing's first, for me to photograph this wedding was the beginning of something really special. Erin and I go waaaaaay back. I'm talking like, 5th grade playing dodge ball on the playground during recess way back. And over the years, as life happens, we all tend to loose touch with those people we knew as kids. It's funny though, you think...

oh I only knew them when they were like, 10 years old, they are probably totally different people now. We grow up so much and change so much over 15+ years, right?

Well, we might change superficial things like our interests, appearance, job titles. And we might even slightly change our personalities based off our new experiences and life journeys. But all in all, meeting Erin again 15+ years later had me feeling like I was standing right in front of that 5th grade, 10 year old friend I had all over again... in the absolute best way possible of course!

So to tie this all together, life is about connections people. I feel a little selfish when typing this because this wonderful day was not about me in the least. But I absolutely LOVED photographing this wedding because of all the familiar faces I saw around the room. Standing behind the camera capturing these epic moments of people I once knew back as a child just hit me so deep in my nostalgia bone.... yes it's a thing, dare you to look it up. Reconnecting with people is just a freaking magical thing, ya'll. 

And to the actual point of this blog post. Erin and Trae just simply belong together. You can feel the love and happiness just oozing from every pore in the house when these two are around. They are open, honest, and never take anything too seriously. And you know how amazingly great their connection is based off of how supportive and passionate their friends and family are surrounding them. This was one of my absolute favorite weddings to photograph and capture for this couple. Not because they had the most elaborate center pieces, not because the bride was dripping in diamonds from head to toe, but because the love was undeniably there from the second I stepped foot into Erin's house for getting ready photos, to the second I said my goodbyes and Trae asked me to hang out a little longer, relax, and grab myself a drink!

People like these are truly my people. Thoughtful, inviting, and most importantly... ready to party!

Venue: Groom's parents' farmhouse

Hair/Makeup: Friends of bride

Bride's/ Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal

Groom's/Groomsmen Attire: Bows N Ties

Bride's Ring: Zales

Groom's Ring: Qalo

Flowers: Premier Florals

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